Video Lesson and Guide

Introduction to Game Based Learning in Planeteers

Learn how the game utilizes game-based learning to define learning outcomes. This video also describes Planeteers as an approach for teaching. >> NEXT LESSON (

Planeteers Basic Controls

Learn how to control the avatar’s movement, including swimming and vehicle driving. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

The Planeteers Map & Atlas

An introduction to the map’s interface and navigation features. It also discuss the Home World of Planeteers, including the continents and their weather. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Terraforming in Planeteers

A tutorial on how to use the powerful mining gauntlet to mine elements or change terrain for other uses. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Understanding Basic Crafting

Learn how Crafting can be used to create new builder components, mission bots, food stores or even reanimate animals from discovered DNA. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Mastering the Planeteers Builder

Learn the overall Builder controls by trying to build your first lunar rover. This feature will also be used for building tower, aerial and marine vehicles, and other mission critical equipment. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

The Basics of Blockly Coding

A basic introduction to the powerful Blockly programming language. It utilizes block codes that can be snapped together to code robot AI, make mini-games, repair broken machines and complete other coding challenges.. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Example Project - Surveillance Drone

Combine your newly learned Builder and Blockly skills to build a fully functional Surveillance Drone that you can use to explore harsh environments through the air. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Planeteers Camera and Mission Logs

Take pictures using the Camera and write journal entries or essays using the Mission Log. Learn how to use these tools for documenting game experiences and learnings. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Farming in Planeteers

Learn how to use the Farming feature to manage your own plant and animal farms. Farms provide a stable food source during the adventure. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

The Planeteers Mission Computer

Discover the multi-purpose features of the Mission Computer. It provides players with a terminal to upload reports check photos they took in-game and manage collected mission data. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Achievements, Badges & Quizzes

Find out how to check various skill masteries through Achievements and in-game Quizzes. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Example Project - Base Camp Design

Test out your Builder skill by building and designing your very own base camp using Habitant blocks, Machine blocks and Action blocks. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Example Project - Craft a Machine

Unlock more crafting options with Advanced Crafting Machines. This video also shows how to deploy and access its crafting systems. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Using Advanced Crafting Machines

A quick tutorial on how to use specialized Advanced Crafting Machines to create more complex food, clothes, machines and other mission critical gear. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Aliens Story & Supply Crates

Discover the fun side story about Aliens and how to come up with various game strategies how to defend your base. You’ll also learn how to enable or disable this feature to get Supply Crates from Mission Control. PREVIOUS LESSON << ( >> NEXT LESSON (

Wrap Up: Quest versus Sandbox Learning Modes

Differentiates the importance of learning via Quests and via Sandbox playthrough. PREVIOUS LESSON << (