What are the educational benefits of STEAM Craft?

Planeteers, built on the STEAM Craft platform, is an educational intergalactic adventure set in a fictional universe with habitats, flora and fauna that resemble Earth. It has 100’s of educational quests, fun facts, quizzes, and activities built on a global STEAM Curriculum, that includes a coding curriculum too.

The game uses a highly engaging 3D educational sandbox that teaches open ended STEAM concepts and activities. It supports a mix of projects, challenges, and enquiry based learning and provides simulated environments to explore real world phenomenon. It teaches design, innovation, problem solving, and coding skills. STEAM Craft provides students with the opportunity to tinker, explore, and experiment. It develops critical thinking skills and nurtures curiosity and engages learner through positive play and educational gaming.

STEAM combined with blended learning methods promotes better learning outcomes:

1.         Promotes equality in education (STEAM benefits male & females equally)

2.         Allows students to explore subjects at greater depth

3.         Helps students develop critical thinking skills

4.         Students are better communicators and collaborators

5.         Improves flexibility and adaptability

6.         Improves creativity and innovation

7.         Students are more self-reliant and confident

8.         Teaches independent innovation