What are the activities students can do in Planeteers?

Educational activities in Planeteers are organized as quests.

Each quest draws from 2 or more subject streams within the STEAM curriculum and poses real world challenges for students to solve in the context of the game story.

  • E.g. science and technology in the form of coding and robotics to fix a broken robot that’s caught in a loop.
  • E.g. crafting a battery from copper, lead, metal and water that the student has in their inventory, to power a lunar rover they built using the games builder module. Then later being asked to add solar panels to charge the battery after its depleted by the engine.

Because the game's story is a space exploration adventure there are endless possibilities for educational activities based on exploring and creating a sustainable habitat on a new planet.  

A summary of some key activities include:

  • Exploring
  • Observing the effects of real world phenomena (weather, physics, energy dynamics, and day night cycles)
  • Flora and Fauna exercises and activities
  • Mining for elements to then craft components
  • Engineering and building as part of creating their habitat
  • Painting and sculpting
  • Finding or growing food
  • Block Code programming
  • Resource management, counting, patterns and related
  • Taking pictures and making entries in their photo journal
  • Completing quizzes
  • Earning badges and achievements
  • Collaborating with other learners
  • Doing additional homework and research about in game activities off screen or on the internet including maker activities e.g. they craft little robots in the game and add functions to them, but then we also provide off screen activity sheets like creating a bristle bot using recycled materials