What is STEAM Craft

Designed in collaboration with leading educators, STEAM Craft is a flexible and scalable game-based learning platform for teaching STEAM skills. We call it a platform as it forms the foundation for educational games that are built on top of it.

The platform has a mix of features designed to create a highly engaging, game based learning including:

  • Simulated 3D physics and environments
  • Pathways for delivering educational activities
  • Text and audio for fun facts and instructions
  • Quizzes to test students’ knowledge.
  • In game reporting tools like a camera and student journal
  • A powerful achievements and badging system, and
  • An analytics system that tracks important data on students’ progress which is then presented as graphs, tables and charts in a teacher’s dashboard.

Planeteers is the first game built using the STEAM Craft platform. It’s specifically designed for grades 3 to 6, but could be used for students as old as grade 8.